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*IMPORTANT* Site Update Notice

Dear DollObserver,

I wanted to advise you of a site overhaul which is going to be occurring over the next couple of days. I know that changes can be difficult and confusing at times (we all remember what happened with Flickr right?). However I am sure that the new look will streamline your experience and make your interactions with other members and friends even easier and more fun.

Here are some of the changes and improvements you can expect from 2.0:

  • The overall site and navigation is more streamlined
  • Groups now have their own photo section and are much more 
  • The latest discussions, photos and groups are easily accessible from the home page
  • Photos are much more easily uploaded from your computer and can be added to categories
  • The site will adapt to the devise you are accessing it from e.g. smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Your 'My Page' is also much more streamlined and easier to navigate

In order to whet your appetite for what is to come here is a screenshot of how the main page will look:

I will also be posting 'how to' videos to help you get aquatinted with the new look site also. 

If you have any concerns please be sure to get in touch direct to my email

I will send another email one our 'new' site goes live.

With warmest regards, Simon x

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  • So far, so good Simon! I'm liking the new site

  • Hi Simon, I'm using my regular PC today. I just posted my photo for TOTM and I realized there is no "preview" message options.  Could we get that option back??



    • Admin

      In the reply section of a discussion? Hmm I don't remember that feature but will look into it :)

    • I thought there was... Hugs.
  • OMG!!! WHERE AM I ?!!!  I feel like a teenager coming back home from summer camp to find out your parents remodeled your whole bedroom!!! hahaha!! You start by feeling kind of lost in a place you felt your own, then you get excited when you see really cool new stuff and suddenly you start wondering if your parents threw some of your things away, hahaha!!! I'd better not go away for so long next time and start getting to discover all nice improvements here.

  • I was wondering, does the Doll Observer link to the Fashion Doll Top 100?  I know it use to.  Thanks, KO. 

    • Admin

      Hi Kelly! A very good point!! I forgot about the link!!!

      Will add to my growing list of things to do, ho hum 

      Thanks again!

    • Happy to be in contact with you. :-)  KO

This reply was deleted.