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My name is Gwen and I am from Indianapolis, Indiana.  I turned 30 this year and I have been playing with dolls since I can remember except for acouple of years when I was a teen and went through a terrible tomboy stage and got rid of ALL MY DOLLS.  So now I have been trying to replace all of them.  I came across Fashion Royalty dolls about a year ago and I LOVE THEM, so now it's mostly about them but my favorite doll is and will always be my Gone With The Wind Barbie.  I love to set up displays and pose my dolls,  I think my husband thinks I'm crazy but if I've had a bad day it always helps to spend time with my dolls. 


If you want a good laugh my neice had to make a commercial for her child development class that had to be about a healthy food for kids.  We came up with the idea to use my dolls in the commercial and we all thought it came out great so I posted it on utube.  I have no idea how to make links but if you go to utube and look for Ariels daycare you could get a good laugh. 

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    Hi Gwen,

    Thanks so much for your lovely introduction. It's great to hear more about the people on the site. I bet you have nightmares about the time you got rid of your dolls! I think it's how ebay made their money with all of us getting back our childhoods lol!

    I found your commercial too:

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