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This is the place for members to say hello, socialise and participate in general Fashion Doll chatter. In order to interact with other members about more specific dolls, such as Barbie, Superdoll or Fashion Royalty, as well as other doll related topics, be sure to check out our Fashion Doll Groups page!


Introducing Verified Membership

Fashion Doll VIPs

I can now reveal a brand new feature to Verified Membership! This is a a membership level which is awarded to those members of the site who are personally verified as being an official representative of a fashion doll business or enterprise or are a recognised 'celebrity' in the fashion doll world. You can easily identify a verified members by the pink tick in the bottom right corner of the member avatar.

I am pleased to introduce our first two Verified Members are GeorgeG of Angelic Dreamz and Emilia Nieminen of emilacouture.

Verified Membership FAQs

What is a verified account?

Any account with a pink verified badge on their profile photo is a verified account. 

Why does verify accounts?

Verification is used to establish authenticity of identities of key individuals and brands in the fashion doll world on

What kinds of accounts get verified? verifies accounts on an ongoing basis based on knowledge of the individual, official domain name emails etc. The community manager may approach members in order to verify their status.

Why hasn't my account been verified?

If you think you meet the criteria for verification and have not yet received a badge, please contact the community manager via the contact page on

How to identify an official verified account:

The verified badge will appear in the bottom right corner of the profile pic. This is the only place it will appear and any member with such a badge anywhere else on their profile is likely to be bogus and will be asked to remove it.

What about verified groups?

This is something in the pipeline and we will update members as soon as this feature is released.

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