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Hi! I'm Tracey! I'm mum to 5 kids(24,22,21,18&14)& nan to 4 lads.I've loved dolls all my life,& collected,on & off,for many years.My collections are varied but,I do love fashion dolls the most.I still have a few from when I was a young girl,ie Pippas,a Sindy,a couple of Barbies,& a Tiny Tears.I collect Bratz,sometimes Barbies,& I hope to start collecting Tonner,as I'm,excitedly,awaiting the arrival of my first gal,Organic Antoinette! I,occasionally,knit,crochet & sew for my dolls,& I love creating Christmas/winter scenes.In July,I purchased my first Reborn! Her name is Sophie Elizabeth,& she is just perfect! Last October,I suffered a great loss,in my family home.I haven't been right since,& I can hardly go out.My dolls have been my main source of therapy,& I don't know what I would've done without them,or my lovely husband for his continued support.=^-^=

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  • Yes Valerie, i indeed missed the convention over this it was pretty hard on my as i looked forward to it all year and i had all set :( but i', in for next year lol! Oh Tracy i feel your pain! i don't want soon i want nowwwwwwwwwww LOL

  • Thanku,again,for all your kind words! Yes,Valerie,it does serve a lesson! One,I hope,I've learnt! I really do promise to take,& post,fotos as soon as I'm able.The lighting,in this house,is awful,worse when raining,like this morning.Jerhome,I hope you heal quickly (I won't say 'soon' as I find it annoying being said to me,coz I don't want 'soon',I want 'now'! Loll!).

  • ๋ำJerhome, you missed the convention because of an injury? That's so terrible. I hope you can go to the next one.

  • Hi Tracy, and welcome! sooo sorry about to hear about your fall, i completely understand how you feel! i wen't threw that last week and missed the fashion royalty convention over it, so i understand you please take good care of yourself :)

  • Hi Tracey. Pleased to meet you. I hope you share a picture of your childhood Pippa doll here. Recently I have been more interested in the tiny dolls.

    That is quite a story about breaking your foot in your rush to get the Antoinette doll! It sounds like a difficult injury. It must slow you down a lot. Thank you for telling us about your experience, though. It serves as a lesson to us all not to get too excited to meet the postman!

  • Groups Admin

    Poor Tracey!   They say that a fracture is even worse than a clean break, because it takes so long to heal. You poor dear...follow Docs orders, take your meds, elevate your foot and all that helpful stuff, and spend time playing with your new girl.

    Oh, and have somebody bring you the camera so you can take some pix of her!  I'm not very familiar with the Antoinette line, and would like to see her.  Does she have that gorgeous, pale porcelain skintone? 

  • so sorry Tracey, you take care !

  • Admin
    Oh dear, poor you! Certainly a painful way to mark the occasion :(

    Glad that you love Antoinette though but be careful how you go when the next one arrives ;)
  • Thanx for the warm welcome,guys! I got my Antoinette friday but,oh what a rigmarole! I was in so much hurry,to answer the door to the postie,that I misjudged the stairs! I missed the last 2 & landed,badly,on my foot! So,A&E,xrays & a temporary cast til tomorrow morn,when I have appointment @ fracture clinic! Yes,I fractured my foot! Feeling such an idiot! So,I shall,now,always remember the day I got my 1st ever Tonner gal! Lol!!! She really is a beauty tho,I never doubted she would be.Like with most dolls,fotos just don't do her justice.I think I will definitely be buying more Antoinettes but,not til Christmas is over & done with.

  • Groups Admin

    Welcome to the group, Tracey. I understand what you mean, as my family is approaching the 1 year mark (also October) of a huge loss in our family.  

    I wish you comfort. *hugs*  I'm glad you've got your dolls and your Hubby, and now, you have us!  

    Take care.


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