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This is the place for members to say hello, socialise and participate in general Fashion Doll chatter. In order to interact with other members about more specific dolls, such as Barbie, Superdoll or Fashion Royalty, as well as other doll related topics, be sure to check out our Fashion Doll Groups page!


It's our Birthday!

Dear Doll Observer,

Welcome to our birthday update. As you will have seen if you have visited us recently, in order to celebrate, we have had a gorgeous site overhaul courtesy of an amazing design by fellow Doll Observer Ada.

Hope you like it!

Happy Birthday to us!

On Monday 21st February we will see the first birthday of our very own Doll Observers Network! In order to celebrate I would love it if you could join me for a live chat event this Sunday 20th at 5PM GMT. To see what time this event will take place in your local time check out this link: World Times. I know not everyone in our worldwide community will be able to join us but I will post a transcript on the site for everyone to check out. Please RSVP to the event here.

Theme of the Month

Our monthly theme continues this month with all things Birthdays related in honour of our momentous occasion! You can check out the action in the Theme of the Month group as well as submit your own theme pic. Don't forget to vote for the winner of the previous months's theme too! As always there is a super prize from the gift shop up for grabs for the photo with the most votes!

A new way to receive notifications

At the moment email alerts of network activity are set to arrive in your mail box in real time. However if you would prefer to receive a 'daily digest' of notifications all in one email then you can now choose this option on your settings page here.

Welcome to our new members

We have had a huge influx of new members over the last couple of weeks and I wish all of you a warm Doll Observers welcome! Please be sure to add your own welcome when you have the time

Check out this latest Doll Observers activity:

Until next time (and hopefully chat with you this Sunday ;)),

Dolly hugs,

Simon Xx

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  • I hope I can be there this Sunday, but I'm staying with my boyfriend's family for a few days and locking myself up in the attic with a laptop isn't social behaviour :P. I'll see!
    • Admin
      I can see how that would be unsocial hehe! If you can 'slip away' it would be great to have you join us, even if only to say a quick hello :))
    • I'm sure I can slip away for just a moment! And ehm... call me stupid, but where can I find the chat..?
    • Still don't know where the chat is... But I missed it I suppose :(

      Guess you removed the chat button again..? I saw someone say it's in the top right corner but it isn't..?

This reply was deleted.