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March theme

Hi everybody!

I'm new here and, sorry, I've some problems with navigation. I received a mail about March theme, but I can't find the page in the site, can you help me, please?

Thank you

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  • I like this theme, I'll join you, surely!!!

  • Admin

    you are very welcome Sara.

    Simon (our manager) is quite Busy right now and we will not have an "official "monthly challenge. but I we love challenges I thought it would be nice to make one on our own (just for the fun , this one will not have reward) but you are more than welcome to join us

    go on the home tab (top of this page) and look for my message (go green)

    Sara Tiz said:

    Thanks Lilly, you're very kind!

  • Thanks Lilly, you're very kind!

  • Admin

    Hello Sara, I don't think we have the March theme yet . for the info on this subject, click on the TOTM tab at the top of this page

     dolly cheers 

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