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Hi everyone.

I found a doll clothing store that I love, and I would like to purchase some outfits for my ghouls, but I want some opinion first.

This is the shop website

The clothes seem pretty good quality and I find that the prices are fair. It seems to have a good fame, but I'd prefer that if you have bought anything there to tell me your opinion.

Thanks for your help

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  • Yeah I think the best way would be to buy something from them. I wouldn't go too far on just one persons comment, I really wanna know how good quality his clothes are so I'm looking forward to seeing what you think once you receive what you have bought from him.
  • Thanks for your comments. I've also seen pics of those outfits on flickr and they seem pretty good quality. I was so decided to buy something, but them I saw a negative comment about this store on a doll forum and now I'm not so decided. This person in particular complained about issues while communicating with the shop owner, but I now this person doesn't speak english, so that may have been the main problem. I don't want to judge this store by this one and only comment and I know that buying there is the best way to get an opinion.

    I could contact him as you say Amber, or maybe just buy something not very expensive to see if the clothes are worth it and then buy something more. BTW at the beggining I thought that Haunt Couture was a mommy that started sewing for her daughter's dolls and then decidet to open a store, but then I figured out he was a guy

  • I meant buy sorry lol
  • I cant say from personal experience with this person's clothes, ive always wanted to beg some things from them. But I have come across some people on flickr who have purchased Haunts clothes and they seem to be happy with them..they look good in more personal shots I know that. I'm sure you could contact him (yes haunt is a guy) with any questions you have.
  • Hello,

    I can't comment on the quality of the clothing but one thing I've definitely noticed with Etsy is they tend to be more pricey than other sites. Just my experience so not sure if that has been other people's experience.



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