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Hello, I'm Catrina. New to the site and to the doll world. My family, and myself have recently started working with dolls and doll accessories in many different forms. 

It started with my 4 year old, and I kind of began seeing more in the dolls, (I've always been a photographer) I see the absolutely beautiful work in so many different forms on here!

I was referred to this site by my mom. She is an inspiration in everything I do.

The artwork here, I want to stress again, is GORGEOUS! 

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  • I think they're more involved than me! However, I am getting ideas and becoming inspired here

  • Way to go Catrina, I wanna see the  pictures, I can't wait

  • Admin

    Hi Catrina, thanks for saying 'hi' and for the feedback. I must say I am always blown away by how talented our members are here :)

    Looking forard to seeing your creations and must say it sounds like fun in your house with your whole family involved :)

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