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This is the place for members to say hello, socialise and participate in general Fashion Doll chatter. In order to interact with other members about more specific dolls, such as Barbie, Superdoll or Fashion Royalty, as well as other doll related topics, be sure to check out our Fashion Doll Groups page!


I thought it might be fun for new members to let us know what they hope to get out of being a member of our community. Is it meet other fashion doll collectors? Is it to share photos and get tips? Is it something entirely different??

There is no right or wrong answer so don't be afraid to tell!

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  • I would like to meet other doll lovers, see photos of their dolls, share tips etc. I'm here to make mini world friends:)

  • To meet other collectors (I am not alone, I am normal, VERY normal!), discuss dolls and, above all, show them off and OOOOOOh and aHHHHH! At the awesome dolls of others...

  • It is so much fun to share the same interest with other collectors.  I love looking at photos and fashions with my doll collecting friends. There are so many people with wonderful talents in the doll world.

    • Admin

      Glad you're having fun! Great to have you be a member here :)

  • As a new Member to thr group I can tell you I already feel very welcome. I belong to a Doll Collector's Club that meets once a month here in Chicago. I enjoy the comeraderie and the great information i get from sharing with other group members. That is what i hope to get from this group. I am always interested in seeing pictures of other people's dolls and sharing ideas, news and information that may enhance my Doll collecting experience. I will be sharing more of my pics and hope people like them. Always feel free to communicate with me and give me feedback and discuss anything you'd like to. i love hearing from anyone.

    • Admin

      That's great to hear Don. I look forward to see your upcoming pics ;)

  • thank you Tilly & AshGUTZ !  -  you have expressed everything so much better than I could ! - I am in complete agreement and I appreciate the encouragement and various perspectives provided my fellow members of Doll Observers  -  a unique experience for me.

  • I'm always looking for new ways to talk about my craft and how awesome it is to get involved in the doll community. We're a bunch of happy collectors and we love exchanging information with one another! Dollobservers seems active. Each doll brand creates an economy of its own so I can see why the vast amount of dolly knowledge is like a spiderweb on the internet. I like sharing photos of the dolls I work on and I like how the site organizes it for people to see what's recently happened on the site. 

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