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Welcome to Day 3
of a Nommy Miniatures extravaganza!

There are three days of fun!
Day 3: GIVEAWAY!!!!
Today we're going to give away an awesome item from
I though it would be fun to have a little "Anti-Valentine" photostory to go along with this giveaway,

Nikki: Oh, hey, I guess you're here for the giveaway, or whatever...

Nikki: Well, there it is, help yourself, I ordered too much again.

Nikki: Chinese takeout is really tasty... but I feel like it's salted with the tears of us single folk on Valentines day...

 Nikki: It's depressingly delicious...


Haha... it's true, poor Nikki... my house is full of girl dolls -_-;;

Either way though, it doesn't stop this giveaway from being awesome!
Here's what you'll get:

Two takeout boxes of Chinese Food, one plate of Chinese food, three fortune cookies and an extra set of chopsticks! Perfect stuffing your face on Valentines Day! XD
All items are 1/6th scale (aka, playscale)

Well... if you're in the same predicament as Nikki, that is.

I just love the super cute details!

So how do you enter for this?

Enter via the Rafflecopter below!

You can't just click the "leave a comment" box but not actually leave a comment.
I actually check these things, and all your entries
are voided if you don't do the mandatory comment entry!!

Here are some icons for the giveaway for you to use!

You need to be a member of to add comments!


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  • this looks delicious

  • Groups Admin

    Their realism is amazing.  Amazingly nom-a-liscious!  

  • Admin
    Wow I am mouth wateringly hungry just looking at these miniatures! They are amazing!!
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