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  • "Fashion Doll Makeover" books by Jim Farone are excellent! there are about 5 in the series. you can find them on Amazon or Ebay!
  • There are lots of great videos on youtube for free..I have found great and really detailed videos on re-rooting hair etc, and while I have a few good books (books are especially great for looking at others OOAK projects), I seem to pick things up easier if I can see someone actually do it....
  • Hi Mary Beth,
    I have DVD instruction from Laurie Leigh -
    and all of the Ultiumate Fashion Doll Makeovers books by Jim Faraone... but sincerely I think only the last one - Tips from the experts is really good because show a lot of tricks
    than I have Creating Fashion Dolls from Sabrina Cuidice... its very good too
    You can find a lot of tutorials in Haute Doll magazine usually written by Laurie Leigh... and in the web...
  • Admin
    Hi Mary Beth,

    Try this website which has details on OOAK books
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