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Saying Hello From Wisconsin!



   I FINALLY have some time to post something here. WOOHOO! I started my account over a month ago, and I haven't been on here since! Mostly due to school, and extra-curriculars....

Well, my name is Stefan and I live in Wisconsin. My doll collecting began just 2 years ago(that seems pretty long ago) and my collection as grown as well as my sewing skills. It all started when I was in Las Vegas and I visited the FAO Schwarts in Caesar's Palace. There I laid my eyes on the first fashion doll -- Tonner Scarlett O'Hara, Waiting for Pa! At the time I was simply mesmerized, and I stared in awe at the beauty of the doll standing on the shelf. I never had heard of Gone With the Wind, but I still was smitten with her. My mother and I started in amazement at the price-tag -- $180.00!!! Never before had we owned a doll that cost so much! I really had never heard of Tonner or Integrity Toys, or Dollcis, or anything, besides Barbie. That day I bought a Silkstone Barbie, but the image of Waiting for pa was implanted in my mind. A month or so later, after watching Gone With The Wind like 15 times, I decided for my birthday what I really wanted -- Scarlett O'Hara! We were already going to New York for a photoshoot for my resume and the plan seemed perfect -- We would stop at FAO right before going to the photoshoot! It was the best gift EVER! I would not stop playing with her in the hotel room -- although we got some pretty strange stares from the other residents when they saw how big the box was! Then my collection blossomed into another Scarlett, then Ellowyne, then other Tonners, and now Dollcis!! And through these string of events, my sewing skills have developed as to where I bought a beautiful sewing machine! My doll history will now lead me to Paris, for the Paris fashion doll festival!! i am too excited! I am fairly new to convention, as the only only one I have ever been to was the first Ellowyne convention in August! It's truly amazing at how a simple fashion doll hobby can lead you to so many new adventures and places!

All For Now,

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