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September 2012 
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And the Winner of 'July Theme: Sports Day' is...
Your vote counts!
The September Theme!
In The Forums...
Dear DollObserver,
Welcome to the September Newseltter, bringing you all the news from your favourite Fashion Doll Community!
Hope you enjoy it :)
Pamela's Pic - Olympics!
Congratulations to Pamela!
And the winner of 'July Theme: Sports Day' is: 

The 'July Theme: Sports' captured members imagination and the Olympics fever that has hit us this summer.

However, as always, there can be only one winner and the photo given the most 'love' was 'Olympics!' by the very talented Pamela. Many congratulations Pamela!

The $50 dolly dollar prize will be on it's way and the pic will spend the next month featured on our front page of as well as take pride of place as the header on our Facebook fan page.
Time to get voting...
With memories of Summer still fresh in our minds and the sun still in the sky (hopefully!) please take a moment to check out the entries in the 'Summer Luvin' August Theme.

Be sure to give your 'love' wisely ;) 
September Theme: Handicapable'!

I don't know about you but I have found the this year's Paralympics one of the most inspiring, humbling, exciting and down right entertaining world sporting events I have ever seen! I was so pleased when Mary Beth contacted me to suggest that we celebrate it with this month's theme!

As Mary Beth says, "I'm sure most of us have dolls with missing limbs, or you can simulate blindness with a simple pair of shades and a straw cane. We did an Olympics theme, why not a Paralympics theme?"

And why not indeed! Check out 'September Theme: Handicapable' now...

Start Collecting Points!
This how the points will look on your 'My Page' of the site

In the last couple of days we intrduced a way to earn points as you go about you carry out activities on the site. The more points you earn the higher you will rank in the community! This is the full list of earning potential:

Comment on Profiles/Pages & Groups: 20 points,
Publish a Fashion Doll Article: 45 points,
Reply/Create a Discussion: 15 points,
Create a Group: 75 points,
Join a Group: 25 points,
Share/Upload a Photo: 10 points,
Share/Upload a Video: 15 points.

You can also earn pints retrospectively for most activities. If you are a long term member be sure to visit your My Page and refresh in order to add the points to your score! Be sure to check out the Leaderboard to see who's ranking where! Please note that this feature is new so there are still may be some 'bugs' yet to be ironed out!!
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Posted by Alison Rasmussen on September 3, 2012 ...»


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Until next time, take care 

Warmest regards,
Simon x

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