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For the last three years we've had a lot of fun at an imaginary picnic. I propose another imaginary picnic, with all the members of Doll Observers and and one doll to represent each. Last year our imaginary destination was the city of Gras in France.  This year, I invite you to the historic and breathtaking Machu Picchu in the beautiful country of Peru. All you have to do is introduce yourself and your doll of choice, and either post a picture of your doll or a description. You are all invited to bring an imaginary dish so that there is plenty of imaginary food to go round!

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    • How about a pocket full of rye? Lol
    • Welcome to the picnic, Peggy. Wow, Evie really brings an aura of elegance to this year's event. Can't wait to taste the pie!!!

    • Admin

      whoa!! Black bird pie eh??? is it cold or really hot dish hee hee

      welcome to the Picnic Peggy

    • Thanks.  She has a cousin named Parnilla and she wants to go too but Evie says she needs a break from her being so pushy and all.  So she will fly solo.  Still has to catch the last Blackbird then she will be ready.

    • Admin

      you speak my language lady!!!! Evie is totally right to escape a bit! fresh air on a brand new broom , nothing better than this 

    • Woops.  forgot to say that I am Peggy Feltrope and I live in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  I have dolls in my house, shop and heart.

  • Already a Year!! Time flies!! Long to see everybody on this picnic!! Great spot! Will start working on it.

  • Hello, I am Mary Beth and I live in Tennessee, USA. I have been collecting dolls for about 5 years now, and I see no signs of stopping! This is BeccaShe is the daughter of an archaeologist and she has seen dig sites all over the world, but her favorite is, coincidentally, Machu Picchu! We have brought with us lots of exotic fruits, pineapple pizza (to represent her hometown in California) and blackberry cake that is made from blackberries that I picked from my own backyard. Yum!

    • Admin

      ok I am ready for the blackberry as well !!

      thanks sweetie for organizing our favorite event of the year ! love to see you each time in a new environment, and Machu Picchu????? what can I tell??? just pure magic

    • Gee, thanks Dom! (Blush)
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