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For the last three years we've had a lot of fun at an imaginary picnic. I propose another imaginary picnic, with all the members of Doll Observers and and one doll to represent each. Last year our imaginary destination was the city of Gras in France.  This year, I invite you to the historic and breathtaking Machu Picchu in the beautiful country of Peru. All you have to do is introduce yourself and your doll of choice, and either post a picture of your doll or a description. You are all invited to bring an imaginary dish so that there is plenty of imaginary food to go round!

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    • Welcome, Honey Swamp and Lourdes, to the picnic. Looking forward to the potato omelets!!!

    • Thanks FDS. Your strawberry tarts look delicious

    • Admin

      so happy that you joined us Lourdes ! I love potatoes omelette /tortilla. will be with onion for me thanks 

      I discovered Monster high through my grand daughter whom jump from sweet princess barbies directly to those lovely fun monster.

      will have a great Picnic. Lets enjoy Machu Pichu while waiting for more friends to join

    • Hi Lilly. As you live in Spain, you may know that Spain is divided by those who think that potato omelette has to have onion, and those who think it hasn't LOL. Potato omelette is my favourite food, by the way.

  • Admin

    Hi there!

     I am always fond of our annual picnic, it is a wonderful way to meet my friends and discovering gorgeous places (even if virtually) 

     Fabio is representing me at the top of Machu Pichu. Fabio as an archaeologist, it was the obvious choice.  the favorite food of the Inca people was corn, so he has chosen popcorn for the picnic (not even my choice 

    for whom does not know me (yet ) I am Dom alias Lilly, I am 61 and quite happy to be still so young. I was born in France (near Paris) and I am a proud Canadian Citizen, living right now in Spain.  I personally love archaeology and I am working ( time to time) from home, drafting maps for archaeologist , this can be the reason for that I am so incline to use Photoshop 

    I love 16"dolls  Tonner and Mme Alexander are now the most numerous in my gang of 40 members

     you can discover them all in my Website

     Hope to see you all, joining our annual picnic (Thanks again Mary Beth ) have all a great summer 

    • Lilly, I want a bite, but not he pop-corn...!! hehehe This is really a handome guy. Too many girls and only him at the picnic... Too dangerous; don't blame the alliens if he suddenly disappears!! hehehe!!

    • Oh my, Dom. With such a handsome guy sent on your behalf, my girls are fighting over who will get to go to this year's picnic!

  • This is Evie and she has flown all over the world.  She loves flying over Machu Picchu and this time she will land and join the picnic.  She is bringing black bird pie.

    • Hi Peggy, hi Evie, welcome to the annual picnic. Hope you enjoy it. I wonder what a black bird pie looks like, hehehe!!

    • We don't know yet.  Can't get them to stay still long enough to bake them.  We may have to bring something else.

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