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For the last three years we've had a lot of fun at an imaginary picnic. I propose another imaginary picnic, with all the members of Doll Observers and and one doll to represent each. Last year our imaginary destination was the city of Gras in France.  This year, I invite you to the historic and breathtaking Machu Picchu in the beautiful country of Peru. All you have to do is introduce yourself and your doll of choice, and either post a picture of your doll or a description. You are all invited to bring an imaginary dish so that there is plenty of imaginary food to go round!

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  • or is it an alpaca?

    • It can be whatever it wants to be so long as it stays out of my strawberry tarts!!!!!

  • hey! isn't that a llama? (not a goat?)...

  • Hi everyone. My name is Stella (from the Tonner "Spice Antoinette" family) and I am the doll chosen to attend this year's picnic on behalf of Fashion Doll Stylist. (Though I do expect my girlfriends to sneak in and meet up with me!) My doll mom was born in the US, though most of her life has been spent living and working in Paris. She spends part of the year, in the US, now, looking after her father. She keeps herself busy with 3 doll blogs:, which shows all the latest fashions and how to make basic patterns to recreate those styles. At , we, the FDS dolls get to share out thoughts about things around the house, while the is reserved for the Tonner dolls' own editorial fashion photos. 

    Anyway last year, Sissilie, a Barbie was sent to the DO picnic. She had such a great time, the rest of us couldn't wait for this year's event! Like Sissilie, I wanted to bring a bit of the bubbly, but thought it might be difficult (with the long hike and the altitude and everything), so I brought strawberry tarts instead. There's more than enough for everybody. I just hope that goat over there doesn't get to them before the rest of you!

    • Hi Stella, nice to meet you!! Lovely eyes you've got my dear. Thanks for the strawberry tarts, I loooove tarts!! You better not make the llama angry, the tend to spit on you!!! I don't want her to spoil the tarts!! hehehe!!

    • Hello Stella (i also have an Antoinette spice but she wasn't able to be here this year due to lack of pictures) FDS, welcome back! I love strawberry tarts and so does becca. Hey wait aminute, that goat is chewing on my hair!
  • Hey guys sorry for being so absent, I've been in Florida for a couple of weeks, I just got back yesterday. So glad to see all these awesome posts! Welcome everybody, hope you're having fun, the food looks delicious and so do all of these eclectic dolls!
  • I'm taking Honey Swamp to the picnic. Honey studies cinematography and she's always trying to find new locations to film. For those who are not familiar with the Monster High dolls, Honey is the daughter of the Swamp Monster of Honey Island. This is our first Doll Observer's picnic

    I am Lourdes, aka Monster Crafts. I'm 24, I come from Spain and I study Comunication & Media at the University (and I should be studying for my finals instead of being here posting pictures).  I joined Doll Observers last year, when I started collecting Monster High dolls. Originally, I planed to build a Monster High dollhouse along with my boyfriend, but due to the lack of time between my job, my studies and the time that we spend restoring our real life house, I've changed my mind about that.

    I mainly collect Monster High dolls, but I don't discard buying other dolls that appeal to me. I don't have many dolls (yet): 25 Monster High dolls and one Barbie Tout de Suit, who is still on her box.

    Honey's bringing two potato omelettes: one with onion and the other one without.

    • Welcome to the picnic Honey, I want some omelette without onion, please. I loooooove this photo by the way!!

    • Thanks Isabel. I'm glad to see you here too

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