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    Just checked and we score 92/100 for loading speed according to Firebug :) Yeehah, we're smokin' now!
  • Admin

    Hi Ada,

    I have done lot's of SEO and generally tidying up over the weekend, which is something I have been putting off as it seemed so complex! I removed the loyalty scheme (for now at least) as it seems to be slowing things down immensely! We should also get lots of organic search engine traffic (hopefully!) :)

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    Things seem to be OK for me at the moment. I may need to tidy some of the apps on the homage as we have a lot going on :). I use safari on a Mac and have also tried Chrome which seems OK too.
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    Firefox and Window Xp for me and I didn't notice any changes
  • Chrome and Windows 7.
  • Admin

    Thanks Ada. BTW what browser and operating system are you using?

    Anyone else having problems?

  • Super! Let me know if I can help you with anything.
  • Admin

    Hi Ada, yes there does seem to be some lag my end too. I will look into it :)

    Thanks for the heads up :))

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