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Today is the 28th World Doll Day. See this site for more information about the day and it's founder, Mildred Seeley, a renowned doll lover and expert. In short the day is there for all doll lovers to come together and to celebrate their love of dolls in any way they see fit. Especially fitting to the day is to give the gift of a doll to someone, a child perhaps, who doesn't already have a doll or doesn't have the means to be able to own one.

It wasn't until last year that I had ever heard of this annual event and we had a modest celebration last year here on Unfortunately I am late to the plate yet again! However I thought it would be marvellous to go bigger next year and also to plan how we celebrate this event each year going forward. There really shouldn't be any ideas too big where dolls are concerned! For example we could canvas doll manufacturers to sponsor dolls for underprivileged children or those in hospital. We could even start our own charity and do it ourselves! Who knows, the sky really is the limit!

Having said that, I really have no idea how we would go about doing such things. That should not hold us back though, because together we have the power to achieve anything! Let me know what you think below...

Happy World Doll Day everyone!

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  • Mmm, didn't hear about the real meaning of this day before. My boyfriend and I had a similar idea, we thought of using dolls to make a small campaing to make people aware about some issues or illnesses kids can have. I have to go to work right now, but I'll write to you later on, as now I don't have the time to explain myself properly

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