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Hi everyone! Next month, it will be the 20th year of business for Tonner Doll Company! So many things happened along these years! Dolls and more dolls... How did you here about Tonner Dolls and which doll his your favorite one? Also, there is a fantastic article of Robert Tonner on the FDQ magazine summer 2011 edition! If you have read it, tell me what you think about it!

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  • Hi Lalys! I also truly like the Cami & Jon line! They are one of my favorite dolls from Robert Tonner! I truly love their lovely face! It is true, customade dolls are expensive! This why I prefer to wait and buy them on sale instead ! Also, I always try to see if the doll is available in my country first. I also like the Antoinette doll line too...I'm looking to buy one of them, but once again I'm truly careful! I read all comments on different I feel very safe!

  • I would love to have a Tonner, I`m looking for a redhead Cami but the last year issues are the ones I like most. I have a friend who is collecting tonners here in Argentina, they`re soooo lovely... the problem we have is that we are force to have a nice shipping buddy to buy, because customs here are terrible, not only for the really unfair taxes, but the excess they commit: the law is not clear at their statements, so they charge us not only the half of the value declared for dolls, plus the value of the shipping... so that dolls are 2 times expensives. Imagine that a big box with a tonner is an incredible oportunity to steal it. (yes, in that office some boxes "disappear"...) and for that I´m afraid to bring some in the traditional way. With Barbie I don`t have such problems, because I´m a deboxer and packages are small, or not so important prices.

    coming back to Tonners, I woul buy some, because the level of details, the quality so great, and their charming keep me amazed... if I wouldn´t have the customs problem, I would buy some.

    My friend is well kown in those days, she is who had made the replica of Sissy´s dress (the white and dark blue) you can see at the Tonners page in Facebook. I find those dolls wonderful to dress, and divine models for our fotographs.
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