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These are examples of photos I've taken using this technique:

When there's no chance to photograph your dolls in beautiful outside settings you have some other options like a paper backdrop, fabric, table mats, etc. Well this is another way to give your photos a nice different touch. I've used two techniques for using the monitor of my computer as a background. One of them is using  Photoshop, but this one is easier and all you need is patience and some practice. Hope this is helpful and please feel free to contact me if you  have any question. 

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  • Such a  wonderful idea ! <3

  • amazing. simply amazing. thanks for these detailed instructions. I can see how this could become addictive. lol now I just need to look and see what sort of props I got and get me two of them lamps. this is truly an awesome tutorial. thanks so much for putting it together, Isabelle. : ))
  • This tutorial is great, Isabel! Thanks!!!

    Here's my last one, what do you think?

    • Fantastic!! Colos are so vibrant and very good choice of background. Perfect frame for this pretty girl and the green "prince". 

    • Thank you. I love fairytales!

  • another one:

  • Here are some photos that I took . This time I used a TV (connected to my laptop)- of course the are free wallpaper from the internet. I was surprise that there isn't as much moiré as I was expecting.


  • Admin

    fabulous work!!

    • Thanks Lilly! Nilsa has taken great advantage of this technique. I tell her she uses it better than me. Her entry for this TOTM was taken using this method and I loved the outcome.


  • I've never see anyone do this with an actual background on the monitor.  This is terrific. I think most people will have difficulty keeping glare and reflections from showing up. Great work!

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