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These are examples of photos I've taken using this technique:

When there's no chance to photograph your dolls in beautiful outside settings you have some other options like a paper backdrop, fabric, table mats, etc. Well this is another way to give your photos a nice different touch. I've used two techniques for using the monitor of my computer as a background. One of them is using  Photoshop, but this one is easier and all you need is patience and some practice. Hope this is helpful and please feel free to contact me if you  have any question. 

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    • That windsurf is still with me ;)
    • In the upcoming edition of FDQ you will see the backdrop I used for a beach scene. You will also see the windsurfer in one of the photos.

  • Very clever... hope to try in the very near future!  Thanks for all the detail on how to do this!

    • Thank you Tilly, hope you share how it worked out for you. Contact me if you have any question. 

  •  what if you  use a laptop will it work also

    • It sure will, just find a way to make it steady. You can use and iPad as well, or even a flat screen tv. There's a nice video Nilda made using his son's iPhone to play some fire burning in a fireplace. It's really cool. I'll see if I can find the link. Let us know how it worked out. 

    • This is Nilsa's video. Hope you enjoy it.

    • Thanks for sharing my video.

      I'm planning to use the flat screen TV :)
    • Anytime my friend. It's always nice to share great things. Please let us know how it goes using the tv. Moiré issues might be a bit harder to avoid with a larger screen, I think. Let's see...

  • Dear, thank you for this idea.

    I've tried to do this once, but it wasn't very successful because I had reflections on my screen.

    I'm going to use your advice. We'll see what happens.

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