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V3 has arrived on Valentines Day!

Well she is here, I am posting a few pics to show the new box etc, I haven't removed her from her box for a few reasons, she is cold from delivery and I thought it best to wait until she is room temperature (I live in the prairies of Canada and it is mighty chilly here with snow that is waist deep) and I want to make sure that I am 'bonding'.  But regardless, here is a few pics! 

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  • Admin
    Yes it will help with storage. the old boxes do take up A LOT of room haha!
  • Admin

    WOW thanks for sharing. I am so excited for you. I hope you are bonding with her as I can't wait to see her 'unveiled'.

    The new packaging looks awesome too :)

    • Your welcome!  The new box has the stand in the packing box now, not in the doll box, and it is much smaller, this will help with shipping costs and storage too.  It always take me a few days to know if I am 'in love'  !  haha
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