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I've got a dilemma and perhaps your opinions can help me out here... My collection of vintage Pamela Love dolls is growing, I have lots of dolls both boxed and played with now, and I'm still thinking about the best way to show them. The boxed dolls are like magic to me, because they remind me of buying a new doll when I was little. BUT... to be honest I'd like to be able to see them out of their boxes as well, and touch them and everything. I'd like to take them out of their boxes and put them in stands. I have no intention of ever selling them again in the future anyway, I know for sure that I will love them too much for the rest of my life.


What would you do? Or better yet, what do you do with your vintage dolls? Do you keep them boxed or do you let them out? I'm dying to know!

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  • I know the feeling... haven`t bought one doll in ages!!

  • I know, and I have spent more on dolls, but I can't afford it right now ;)
  • €45??? Thats what people pay for just one Barbie vintage shoe... LOL
  • Lol I can't afford!! ^^ Just yesterday a couple of boxed dolls went for €45...
  • Very Hard... Nightmare... ok but... not impossible!


  • Hmm, except that finding them boxed is very hard, so finding duplicates is a nightmare ;) heehee!
  • in my opinion... unless there is a history of the doll reacting to the light or getting damaged... I would free her without even looking twice.

    I`m not familiar with the doll you are refering to so I have no idea how well they react to being displayed. I`m a de-boxer... mainly because for years I didn`t have much room where I lived. But even now I have a big house with a doll room. I have to have them displayed at all time (see my "Doll Room" photo album)

    Another option is of course to buy duplicates of the ones you want to have out if the box. Like this you can have both!


  • You're right, I've already bought more stands hehe, now if I could only find the time to let them out and put them on display, heehee ;)
  • Perhaps I am late in replying but I say let them OUT!  I understand they may be worth more MIB but I buy dolls to enjoy.  I love to sew for them, create different positions and try to make them look like they'r experiencing real life.
  • Oooh, now you got me having doubts again..

    The only thing ruined when I will debox them, is the plastic wrap around their hair, to be honest. Can't put that back nicely if I put them back in their boxes later. But that's all really. And I think the real fans will still pay good money if a mint doll is in her box and she has only been on display. And I wanna stress that I'm sure I will never sell these dolls again..:P

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