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Where do you buy your dolls?

Hey everyone!

I'm a newbie here and it is great to be apart of this fab website x

I was just wondering where everyone prefers to buy their dolls? Do you prefer ebay, online shops or retail stores?

I am interested to hear everyone's opinions on this :)

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  • Thanks for all of your responses! It is very interesting seeing where you all get your dolls :-)

    At the moment I just buy my dolls from stores but I have made my very first bid on a doll on Ebay this week and I am also interested in finding websites I can buy dolls from for Australia too.


  • Hi Tania, I bougth all my dolls on Ebay, there are several great sellers out there, you can wait and compare prices and sometimes  make a good bargain.

  • Hello, Tania!

    Welcome on our site!

    I always buy my dolls on ebay. There is a great choice and it varies from new dolls to mint condition and the prices are great.

  • I have bought most of my barbies from ebay, and amazon, and just stores near where I live.

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  • Target is my go to for doll shopping, I hardly ever go to toys r us (mainly because it's just too far from me) . I will sometimes buy from walmart, but only if they have something that I want while I'm there, ive found tush if I go to Walmart looking for something I wont find it. I really like getting thighs off Amazon, ive never had problems with them plus they're prices are pretty good some times. I don't usually buy from ebay unless it's something that I really want and can't get in stores. Course it all depends on what doll your wanting for Fashion Royalty I'd go to Ebay or a online doll shop like Angelic Dreams.
  • Hi Tania, welcome to this great site. Let me tell you about my shopping experience. Maybe like me you're interested in buying from foreign sellers. In my country (México) it's almost  impossible to buy any Fashion Royalty doll, in fact they're not even known so the only option I had was to buy them on internet.I've bought about 95% of my dolls on eBay. The first thing I had problems with was the shipping. It was very expensive and unfortunately not very reliable once the item crossed the Mexican border. So I have all my purchases sent to a friend's house in texas. I have the chance to visit her about twice a year and collect my dolls. I've been doing that for three years now and so far it has worked great for me. I just recommend, if you decide on eBay, always check on sellers reputation, read the whole information about the item's condition and shipping and sometimes it's a good idea to contact them to let them know you're not a USA bidder, some sellers just refuse international buyers. Hope it helps. 

  • I buy most of them at Amazon and seldom at a toy store, but I only buy budget dolls like Monster High, so maybe if you want more exclusive dolls you won't found them there.

  • Want to mention that recently I sold a doll at DollBid for a very first time.

    So far so good. Waiting for the buyer's feedback and my bill (5% of doll price). Have yet to buy.


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