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Tell Us All About Your Latest Fashion Doll Acquisition!

A place to tell the community about your very latest doll. Pics would be welcome too so we can get a 'proper' look at your little treasures :)

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  • /sge just arrived today!   Blythe Sally Salmagundi, the pirate!  One of my prettiest Blythe dolls yet.  A great pirate hat, lovely outfit and an eye patch, and one of her lavender eyes has a skull embellished on it.  Very cute.


    • So cute!

    • Admin

      she is cute indeed, I am not collecting Blythe but love them all the same. 

       Ahoy little pirate. 

    • Very pretty! and little skull in her eye!!!

    • Admin

      Very cute! Congrats :)

  • My latest dolly is a girl named Twyla.. She was an FR2 Elise Josie whom I got nude. I like her gorgeous bod and mysterious gaze. She's an online fashion magazine editor, but occasionally models my creations. She's also a beach lover and sooner, she'll be rocking some of my latest summer stuff.

    More of this chic here:


    • Awesome! I found your site awesome too! (=^.^=)

    • Thank you, dear. Glad that you have stopped by =D

    • That's a stunning dress! I love how you used the graphic print and offset the stripes. Clever!

    • Oh, but this fabric is already in chevron print, dear... But it looks really nice on the cut, yeah?

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