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Tell Us All About Your Latest Fashion Doll Acquisition!

A place to tell the community about your very latest doll. Pics would be welcome too so we can get a 'proper' look at your little treasures :)

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  • My latest creation is a OOAK inspired by the lyrics of Madonna's Erotica...


    More photos at Flickr
    (Warning: nudity and adult content NSFW) 

  • My latest doll is a Kurhn Chinese Barbie doll... my curiosity about these dolls and their lavish outfits got the best of me and I ordered one.  One of the cheaper ones; she cost me $24 plus shipping.  I won't put a lot of text here and will let the pictures do the talking.  I was mainly interested in the clothing and overall, I'm a little disappointed that it's on the small side for Barbie.  The doll its self okay, not one that appeals to me but she's articulate and pretty.  See for yourself. 

    I took her hair down and boil permed it... took several attempts, most stubborn hair I've ever worked with... she came with two stands, lots of literature, pretty box.. the outfit is all one piece and closes with velcro. She's strung with elastic cord with some plastic joints. This particular doll had a couple piercings to her head where they attached the headdress...  

    • LOVE your pictures! - Barbie Fashionista has a really nice asian doll with dark eyes & red lips that may match the Kurhn's complexion for head-swapping - check it out @ Mattel Store site (^_^)

    • Thanks, but I think she's going to ebay, dress and all!

    • Admin

      I really love her dress, she look good and I am glad that you took a comparative pic with barbie for scale

      nice set of pics Tillie.

      you can change enlarge a bit the dress at the closure for it to fit barbie. remove the velcro

      add a little red extra piece on is place both side

      then you replace the velcro

       the lengh seems good 


    • Never occurred to me to fix the dress... yes, it wouldn't take much.  After a few days of looking at her and examining the dress -- quite well made actually -- she's going to ebay.  I'd rather have a few extra bucks. 

    • this is a really good idea Lilly! - sometimes I just remove the velcro & open the seams for that little bit more fabric & then simply stitch up the dress right onto the doll (nobody will see the back of the doll, so it doesn't matter to me if the sewing is not quite up to par) - if it is really important for it to look nice, I go to Barry & beg him to apply his skill & expertise to save my doll from "amateur destruction" (that is me ruining my doll clothing) - but in that case, I must be extremely patient until he finds the time & desire for completing the task - I'm lucky to have a skilled & kind "seamster" here - ha! ha! (^_^) lucky me...

    • You are lucky, Viktor... I sometimes wish I had someone to save me from my impulsiveness -- now I'm sorry I took her hair down.  Oh, well, I think it makes her more versatile.  She's off to ebay and these pictures will help! 

    • Admin

      do not worry sweet one impulsiveness is the kind of adventure we can still have when staying at home  hee hee. hope she'll do good on ebay 

  • /sge just arrived today!   Blythe Sally Salmagundi, the pirate!  One of my prettiest Blythe dolls yet.  A great pirate hat, lovely outfit and an eye patch, and one of her lavender eyes has a skull embellished on it.  Very cute.


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