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Tell Us All About Your Latest Fashion Doll Acquisition!

A place to tell the community about your very latest doll. Pics would be welcome too so we can get a 'proper' look at your little treasures :)

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  • This is LOVETONES "Baby Bonjour Lena" striking a pose. She's a fierce fashion model and loves the camera!

  • Here's one of my latest dolls, LOVETONES "Hello Honey Roxy" sitting at the silkstone vanity. In this photo, she reminds me of Blake Lively.

    • glamorous & absolutely fabulous!

    • Thanks Victor, they pose really well and their skin has a soft coating like non stick aluminum foil ( I know that sounds weird, but true!)

    • These are gorgeous dolls. I had not seen them before.

    • They came out in the early summer. There are a lot of photos on Flickr of them.

    • Admin

      ooohhh! all this is so gorgeous! the girl of course,  the set,  the luxurious carpet, the color ....even the macaroon hee hee I cannot resist a macaroon , 

      all this , is a regal for doll minded oriented fan :)

      thanks Jane

    • I guess it's all about the diorama for me. That's what got me collecting dolls to start with! I found photos of dolls I hadn't seen before and thought they would look good in my "sets". Little did I know then, what a nice addiction it can become.....

    • Admin

      yes indeed eh? who's complaining here  hee hee

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