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A place to tell the community about your very latest doll. Pics would be welcome too so we can get a 'proper' look at your little treasures :)

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  • My latest fashion doll is Barbie Look Music Festival. I got her from Amazon, taking advantage of a great offer. Too bad I'm busy with a project, I want to unbox her so badly!

    • Oh, I like her... yes, very boho! 

    • She's gorgeous, and of course, I love the boho style. 

    • Admin

      I bet you do!! she is so boho love her !!!

    • Dom, there's a good offer on, in case you want to get her. 

    • Admin

      you are a love MC but I do not want even to put my finger on this I know me well and I know my weakness to resistance :)I am still not collecting nor playing with Barbies and want to keep focus on my big girls. 

      but still I love to visit here often to see what new in my friends'house hee he

    • I totally understand that, sometimes it's hard that your collection doesn't get out of control. Now I'm focusing more on Barbie, but there are a few doll lines I'm interested in. Luckily, those dolls are playline and quite affordable, so in case I'm too indulgent it won't hurt that much.

    • Admin

      hee hee you are a wise girl :) hope to see new doll soon around you 

  • My latest two dolls are Poison Ivy and Bumblebee from the new Mattel line DC Super Hero Girls. There are marketed as "action dolls" instad of fashion dolls, but I really hope they end up adding more "fashion" to the "action".

    The dolls have sturdier bodies and feel better quality than other playline stuff by Mattel, specially the hair. They have points of articulation on the knees, elbows, wrists and they have pivotal torso, but I expected more poseability in dolls depicted as "action dolls". This dolls are taller than the Ever After High or Monster High dolls and have athletic bodies. I think this dolls could be great to collect for anyone who's interested in Super Heroes.

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    Read Bumblebee Review

    • Admin

      they are both quite sweet but I would give my hear to Bumblebee, maybe her skin color? or the nice pink makeup, or maybe...I just love honey hee hee

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