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    • They're so sweet together!

      I don't know well this kind of doll: are they repainted or are they original? They're faces are really very nice

    • These are both Helen Kish dolls, the little on is a Riley and she's 7.5 inches tall, the bigger one is a Spryte 16 inch doll that was a Kish Tonner collaboration.   (sorry, didn't see your question till just now September 2014)

    • It is the sweetest photo. Love it!! Yes, I agree: more like big and baby sisters love.
    • Thank you... you all have convinced me; they will be sisters! 

    • so sweet picture they look like they could be "sisters love" I love the dreamy expression of their eyes 

    • Thank you, I think so, too!

    • Tilly  -  yes!  -   they are marvelous together  -  it looks as if they made for each other!

    • Thanks, Viktor, I think so, too...

  • Hi, I just had to post this. I'm soooooooo excited about my last acquisition. It took me more than a year to get them!! i had to look for some photos in internet in order to show them to you, because as, some of you may know, I live in Mexico and shipping to my country  is either too expensive or too risky so I have all my purchases sent to a friend's in USA. Sometimes it takes  months until I get a hold of them (snif) but when I travel there or my friends visit me and bring my stuff it's like Christmas!!!

    I fell in love with these girls when I saw the Color Infusion collection in 2012 Tropicalia Convention. I can't wait to see them personally. Funny they didn't give them names and were just called Subjects I and J. 

    • Really gorgeous, love black haired dolls so you can tell which one is my fav.
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