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Greetings from Puerto Rico!!!

Hi everyone, I am Jesus, a 25 years old guy from Puerto Rico. My passion are the fashion model muse barbie dolls, I do my own gowns and I have my own web page and on ebay you may find my items at g3susboutique. I will do in June my…

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2 Replies · Reply by Apr 11, 2011


Hello, My name is Shirley. I am new on this board and still finding my way around here. I have been collecting fashion dolls for around 15 years, lost count now. I beagn with Barbie, and vintage 1050s dolls likie Dollikin, Cissy, Jill, ect, then…

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1 Reply · Reply by Dana Cooper Feb 13


     Hi, my name is Mel.  I've been collecting dolls for the last 7 1/2 years.  I used to have a lot when I was a kid, now that my interest is renewed I regret not saving them.  However, I find a lot of satisfaction in shopping and searching for…

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5 Replies · Reply by Melody Smith (Mel) Apr 5, 2011

I'm new too! ^_^

Hello!   I'm a fairly new Barbie collector and hoping to widely expand my collection as I get older! I still have most of my Barbies from the 90's and like an idiot growing up I sold most of my barbies from the 80's and earlier 90's, not realizing…

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2 Replies · Reply by Nancy Feb 23, 2011

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