Even though they are playline dolls, with their inset eyes, changeable wigs and posable bodies, the 14" Moxie Teenz appeal to teenagers & doll collectors.


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  • Happy New Year, everyone! I hope that 2014 brings lots of dolls and accessories!



    NS Canada

  • Hi, everyone!

    Happy holidays! It's wonderful to be here with other Moxie Teenz fans (waving!)  

    I love these dolls, but because they are discontinued...shoes and fashions are limited. I was wondering if anyone had tried "Teen Trends" (Mattel) clothing or BFC Ink as potential sources for clothing and shoes. I believe in one of the group posts someone suggested Revlon doll shoes and Star doll shoes might fit. I've ordered Revlon shoes and boots and some Star doll shoes, so hopefully in a week or so, I'll be able to let you know if they work. 



    from NS, Canada

  • Hello to Moxie Teenz fans and collectors, I know you're still out there.  I found a lovely Tristen at the thrift store for $4.  She's nearly complete, was missing her scarf, purse, wig, and hat.  I gave her a Liv wig and think she's just beautiful.  Enjoy!

  • Thanks Di!  I want to take more pictures soon.  I hope school is going well with you!  Hugs, Annette

  • Wow, she is lovely!  You are so lucky with your finds! 

  • I recently bought some treasures at a local doll show and sale.  When I found her, Bijou was wearing a MT pink bob wig, and the dress, white boots, purse, and jewlery she currently has on.  I changed her wig to one belonging to Liv Spa Alexis.  Now she's gorgeous!  I paid $25 for her.  I'd love to find her original outfit too.

  • Hi Annette -- Melrose looks fab in her black dress  I love her wig too.  I have started full time college and it's been a shock to my system after years of being a stay at home mom.  Sorry I haven't been in touch for a while.  Your package of dolls arrived a week or so ago and the dolls are all lovelt thank you!  I think I will be re-bodying a coulpe of the Barbies onto Fashionistas bodies.

    Thanks for posting the Russian forum thread on the Moxie Teenz group. The collectors on that group are awesome and post the most amazing MT pics! :)

    Di xx

  • Di, I just stumbled across the link you posted to the Russian Moxie Teenz site thread....... over in the Tangkou thread.  Lol!  It should be here. If my attempt fails would you try? Thanks in advance


  • I found another second hand Melrose, this time at the flea market.  She was nude and bald, but unlike the last Melrose I found, her lashes are intact.  She is modeling another handmade dress from my talented friend Diane.

  • Thanks Lilly, thank-you Diane.  I can't wait to try on the black knit dress from Diane and play with her some more.  She is so posable and beautiful.  My muse of the moment :)

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