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    WTH has happened to Quality Control with them?  I only have 8 Sybs, and while I adore them all, 3 of them have QC issues.

    On the other hand, I also have 8 Avantguards, which in hindsight seem incredibly inexpensive by comparison, and only 1 of them has an issue, albeit unforeseeable from a QC standpoint. 

    It seems I hear more and more folks complaining about the same issues, to the point where major-league collectors like yourself have stopped sinking their dolly dollars into Superdoll. 

  • There was an extra piece of resin attached to her hand. It made her hand look like it was webbed. That was the second doll in a row that I received damaged. Today I received an accessory I didn't order instead of the one I did order.

  • Groups Admin

    Oh no, Terri! I had no idea you experienced that. What was wrong with her?

    I agree in that she is the prettiest Doku thus far.

  • To me, Cirque was the most beautiful of all the Doku's so far. Sadly mine arrived damaged and I was so bummed by this that when I returned her, I didn't even want a replacement.

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    Even though I'm not a fan of the **Doku sculpt, I must admit Cirque has grown on me.  It's those amazing, smoldering bedroom eyes.

    **This is referred to as the Fugu mold, but to me they're nothing alike. I'm a Syb-o-phile what adores her Fugu, and if you look at Doku and the one-and-only Fugu side-by-side, you'll see what I mean.  

    *waits for the true Syb afficianados to pelt her with stiletto-heeled pumps* 

  • What a fabulous photo of Cirque at the top of this group's page!  WOW! 

    I am still kicking myself for not getting her, but I found an incredible deal on Syb Friday that I couldn't pass up! 

  • @Deb: Now you tell me LOL! :)
  • Groups Admin

    Go you, Simon-sensei. 

    I could've made you one for less than 1/4 of the price. 

    (sshhh...don't tell C&D...) 

  • Lot's of bargains to be had in the Superdoll Black Friday sale: http://www.superdollonline.co.uk/acatalog/SYBARITES.html

    Anyone manage to get anything? I got the headspinner chair, which I've been coveting for months,  for half price!!

  • She is really more beautiful in person than in any of her pics.  Was thrilled today to come home and find her waiting for me!  I love her entire concept!  I think she looks mysteriously Asian, more so than Katana!  Lawn is going to be a knock-out in my collection! 

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