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  • oops I should have said that those 2 Barbie  pics I posted are not mines (I do not own those fabulous ) I have found them in the web

  • hi girls, guys & dolls

    !! it's me again asking for help 

    I am still working for the Nirvana's (mini) Barbie shop. the big girl should wear vintage (kind of look a like Barbie if you want 25% of your purchase ) I have made Easter parade (1959) for Petunia.

    now I have fabric for the outfit named "Cruse stripe" and I found on the web, the same dress with a coat under the name "Roman holiday"

    are those , both the same outfit? it seems that the #918 (1959-1962) are identical 

    I love my girls to know what they are wearing :)


  • thanks Valerie this is going to be my next hunting goal (I love this )

    if my dolls weren't so picky I could do plain simple boxes  but now way they are going with this

  • Lilly, that is such a great idea to make tiny boxes to display the tiny dolls in a store! Unfortunately, I don't have any photo of the back or sides of the vintage boxes either.

  • Hello sweet everybody

    I need your help.

    I do have tiny barbies key chain (reproduction of the original model)

    plus like a full box of Mc donald's Barbie

     My girls asked me to do a barbie store with all of this and I like the idea. proble is I want to maque the mini-boxes for those "original" one 

    and the only pics I find are front view like this one

    my girls (and myself) are really demanding and we would like to reproduce the full front/sides/back boxe 

    can any of you lovely one, who have the chance to own one (or several) of those little wonders could be gentle enough to take a nice picture of the 4 sides for me to reproduce those little mini-wonder boxes in full ??


    love you all

  • Hi Ada,  Thank you for letting me know.

    Here are a two of my AGs - these girls aren't in perfect condition but I love her anyway..




  • Hey Val. Yes, you can share pictures here of vintage and MOD Barbies.

  • I am new - I hope it is okay for me to just join and ask questions.  Do we share our vintage doll photos here or are we meant to only have photos on our own photo pages? 

    Wow Simon - your photos of your vintage dolls are fantastic - they are in such mint condition - most of my dolls are showing their age a little - but I love them just the same?

    I'd love to hear which vintage is everyone's favourite?  My fav vintage girl.. I love them all but the ponytails and the American girls seem to be my favourites..



  • I have one vintage Malibu barbie and I'm proud (even when she's wearing repro clothing)! I love certain vintage dolls. Some are really cute. I would love to get Fluff (isn't she the cutest?) and Skooter and Stacey and many more! 

  • Here is part 2 of the Barbie Photo Archive - 1970-1979. Enjoy!

    Find more photos like this on Doll Observers

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