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  • Wow Andy fantastic Job!

  • Michaela, your kitchen looks super great! I especially love the metal chairs and the red checked bins and the old-fashioned telephone.

  • andy, I'm glad you finally got back to work on Morgan's house. Putting it in the old TV cabinet sounds like a really good idea. The funniest contractor story I heard was a contractor working on my husband's clinic who disappeared for a few weeks and when he came back said it was because his sister in the countryside got possessed by a kind of ghost and they had to find a spirit medium to do the proper ceremony to chase out the ghost.


  • i'm not sure how it works in other countries when you hire a contractor, but typically in america when you hire a skilled laborer to build you something/re-model something,  they show up, work really hard for a week to a month and then disappear.  don't try to call or get a hold of them, it's not gonna work.  then, they show up out of no where and finish your project, just when you were about to go totally insane! Such is the story with my "Stalled" dollhouse project.  for the last two months i have had no desire to work on my re-model.  needless to say morgan is NOT a happy camper.  i  also recently acquired an old television cabinet that i (had always) thought would be interesting to convert to a dollhouse!!!!  viola! problem solved!!! i devised a mock-up dollhouse for the cabinet,  and am now revising  the paper mache house to be re-fit into said cabinet when i finish the house!  here is a picture of the "mock up house" construction on my custom built dollhouse will hopefully resume this week!  

  • experimenting with some working, battery operated dollhouse lighting...  this will be showing up in my etsy shop in fall. 

  • welcome to the group babs!

  • i wanted to work with cardboard because i live in an apartment, so space is limited, it less of a mess, and no power tools required.  i also like the idea of re-using old boxes, and magazines to make something other than more trash!!! i have found it to be very easy to use as well, and that i can work rather quickly,  i have however taken a break for a bit as "real life" has needed my attention a bit more of late than my dolly projects...i'm hoping to get back to work this week though, and tackle a staircase.... good luck monster crafts!

  • @andy sorensen I'm seriously considering building it in cardboard not only because I can get plenty of boxes from my job, also because we've been working on some wood furniture and sawing was way harder than I remembered. Plus, we don't have enough space to work comfortably and everything gets dirty.

  • @moster crafts- i recommend using whatever you are most comfortable with! i like to use paper mache' and cardboard, because they are all (in my case) re-used objects for my dollhouse, i also live in an apartment, so woodworking was not a possibility...as well as anything that would have to be spray painted....good luck! 

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