For collectors of resin ball jointed dolls of all styles from fantasy animals, dragons or mermaids to babies and big model types.  I have a collection of all types and love them all, from the tinies to the really big ones and my fantasy mermaids, centaurs and dragons. 

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  • I just bought Delila Noir, a cheaper, Ashton Drake BJD. I love her. The wigs are bad, ver flimsy, but good wigs help. I don't paint, just love how they move, and the look. She is lighter, mayber hard plastic, but I like that. Also have Lia from Ruby Red Galeria.
  • I don't have any BJDs but I would love to one day own one... I've been in love with Marina Bychkova's dolls for years but they are out of my price range... that said, I can always talk about BJDs.
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