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  • hello Barbie lovers. I got a question for you, I found a very nice dress and matching coat in a vintage paper doll (found here https://carlahoag.wordpress.com/category/childhood-pastimes/paper-d... ) i'll post the dress and coat in the group pictures.
    Does any of you gentle friends, have any information about this matching set?
    were they made in reality or were just presented as paper doll cloth?
    do you know any name or # about it?
    any clue were I can find an image or more information about it?
    I would love to reproduce it for my girls but cannot manage to find anything more than this pic
  • Nice photos, Ada!!

  • Nice pics Ada!  Congrats!

  • Admin

    Just wanted to share some pics of Ada, your Barbie groupd admin, at the Paris Fashion Doll Festival grilling Linda Kyaw on all the latest Barbie news and meeting Robert Best (who owes Ada big time for sorting out a bogus facebook account in his name!). Apologies for the quality of the iPhone pics in poor lighting!

  • Have a great birthday Ada!!

  • Admin

    Hi All! Be sure to wish, Ada, the Barbie group's Admin, a very happy birthday!!

    Happy Birthday Ada!

  • Happy birthday to BARBIE!!! 

  • Welcome Ada!  You are a wealth of Barbie knowledge!

  • Thank you, guys!

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