• The display at KL Airport was way too tempting.

    Now tell me whether i should unbox...

    • Midge's first ep is here if anyone wants to watch

      And here's the 1962 doll/outfit referenced in the cartoon

      Described there:

      "Friday Night Date Barbie tagged outfit and it is so adorable.. light blue cord jumper with appliques of felt.. and a nice white peasant type dress underneath.. wearing blue undies.. "

      Too sadly priced 8 times more expensive ;) but the other dress in Midge's pack quotes that retro feeling and colour somewhat!

      With all the "articulation" gags in the 'toon, modern Midge has to have a Fashionista body, and she seems to, I can see wrists and knees but not elbows.

      I really did hunt for any specifically "Dreamhouse" themed accessories in the well stocked shop, Monster Crafts, but I did not see them, as you can see I ended up with generic outfits. Well, the shop was not THAT well stocked, as there was only one Midge left on the shelf! At least 3-4 of each of the others. I agree a LITD Skipper would be cool.

      Thanks for the unboxing advice, Viktor and Monster Crafts. Midge will be unboxed! Hope to share more photos later :)


    • Here's the pic of the fashion packs Don't you love Midge's white shirt?

      I love that "Life in the Dreamhouse" episode, in fact, I think that the show is pretty funny. As you said before, there are a couple of jokes that are self parody. I don't think that kids will understand some of the jokes in the show. As soon as I debox my Midge I post a picture here.

    • I do! with the Peter Pan collar! I think this might be similar to something she wears in the show. Thanks for the picture, now know what to look for! I think it's probably about time that Barbie finally embraced her status as a post-modern icon, a ball started rolling in Toy Story 3. It's also  brave, because if written less tightly, it could have easily gone embarassingly wrong or flopped. Aqua's song could soundtrack this show with no problem. In the Midge episode, they've gone and added a laugh track, but only Skipper can hear it - subtle, 4th-wall-breaking humour.

      I'll let you debox first Monster Crafts, and enjoy Midge's boxed splendour for a little while longer, although Viktor has now explained  it, i don't want her to shrivel of despair!

    • Hey! I also got Life in the Dream House Midge during my holidays in The Netherlands. I can't wait to debox her, she's so cute! I've also seen somewhere that there are some Life in the Dream House fashion packs, but I haven't seen them anywhere. Could anyone help here?

    • yes! yes!  unbox immediately!  they are just dying to be played with & will simply shrivel with despair if you do not release them & play!  -  liberation!

  • I have to say I am a huge fan of this show. In big contrast to a normal Barbie movie, it has breakneck pacing, hilarious sight gags, and takes place in a "dollniverse" full of retro references and sly self-parody, while remaining amazingly wholesome as per Mattel rules. Like others I love the retro Midge character, who'd be first on my wishlist if this line ever makes it to the shops over here.

  • Really want to buy a few Midges.  Hope the eyes and hair are nice on these dolls!!

  • Great outfits.  I wonder, if they're calling it the 'core assortment', does that mean they're planning on others too?  I'm hoping for a Skipper, she's too cute in the series.

  • I saw the first Dreamhouse cartoon on Wednesday that had Midge,  She went from the  60s midge to the "Today" midge after the girls gave her a updated makeover. I thought the Midge face in the cartoon looked very close to the doll in the ToyFair pix ..they're really trying to make them look like their Dreamhouse  images. Rachel is always making weird faces in the webisodes but I don't think the dolls will have such a dramatic faces. I guess we'll have to wait and see when they come out.

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