I thought it would be cool to start a group for Male dolls as there has been a increase of them in the past 10 years its a subject that is no longer Tabboo! Yes many of us boys collect dolls and are proud of it!

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  • I have the Lottie boy, Finn.
  • I like boy-men dolls too. I have a collection of the last good Ken dolls with real hair. One Tonner. Have not done Integrity yet. Will check here for some nice guys.
  • ok as I promised my new John Cena doll
  • new by mattel A 12 inch John Cena wresler

    I wish he was better made! I got him at walmart

  • I'm sharing some photos I had on my blog. Some playscale Asian males.


  • Ok lets take a look at the boys of Anime

    Anime is a Japanese cartoon know as Japanimation which was created by Walt Disney back in those days they were like lets make this the cartoons for the east other wise know as Magna which is comic book in english

  • My big Jim was married to Malibu Barbie she liked short men with Muscels lol

  • Too bad "big" Jim was too "small" for Barbie!
  • I still have my Big Jim Camper!

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