I thought it would be cool to start a group for Male dolls as there has been a increase of them in the past 10 years its a subject that is no longer Tabboo! Yes many of us boys collect dolls and are proud of it!

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  • Yeah thats because the arms are rubber type vinyl and the rest of the the body is a hard plastic! plus boys play with them out  in the sun so that helps in the changing of color lol. Its funny if you look at the Tom of Finland drawing face and bodys they look just like the Big jim dolls

  • Those dolls are awesome. Too bad about the yellowing on the arms! And that bit about Tom Findland is hilarious. I hope the conservatives don't find out!

    • I had SO much fun with Big Jim back in the day. I recently discovered one at a craft store and I never realized they were so tiny!!! I thought they were Barbie sized!!! I guess I hadn't seen one since I was a child. I'm dying for a Big Jack figure. I almost bid on a camper on Ebay. I love accessories and playsets.
  • Heart braker  is so cool.

  • The Dirty little Secret about Big jim

    I spoke to same Mattel Designers in the past and they told me they modeled the dolls after the art of Tom of Findland

    • I always thought it was because of Robert Conrad as James/Jim West.
  • The Big Jim doll was created just for boys, He represnts how little boys view men as being Macho and full of adventure, in shape and strong

  • A true boys doll came out in the early 70s I was hooked I asked my father got get me his camper and my dad said ! NO later that day when he came home it was in my arms I still have it today! the doll is called Big Jim he had several friends and enemys , his own line of clothes and activitys.

  • Eek! Finally! All I can think is "Why haven't we already come up with that?"

    I LOVE my Tonner guys. My first was the Severus Snape doll from the Harry Potter series.  I have had such a crush on Alan Rickman for the longest time, and when they made a doll out of him I immediately regressed to the giggling schoolgirl I never was. Now if only they'd make a David Bowie doll....

  • I love my boy dolls and boy action figures. Thanks for creating a space for them here.

    I need to post photos of my guys.

    Thanks again!

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