SDCC countdown

The San Diego ComiCon is approaching and lots of pics of the upcoming dolls have been leaking through the web, as well as list of what people think the reveals will be.

Let's start with this year's exclusive: Manny Taur and Iris Clops. Manny has a brand new body mold as well as Iris head mold. The dolls design is very accurate to how they look in the webisodes and the movies, but they don't look like an "exclusive" to me. In my opinion, Iris is cute, but she looks too plain to be an exclusive doll and Manny looks more like an action figure rather than a male fashion doll. To me, EAH's exclusive, Cerise Wolf, looks more like an exclusive doll. Anyway, it's very probable that Iris gets another doll at some point in the future, not sot sure about Manny. 

One of the dolls that will probably get revealed is Casta Fierce, the daughter of Circe, who happens to be a popstar. We've already seen images of her artwork and her doll on the Internet, but same happened to Catty Noir and she was one of last year's reveals. In her profile says she's 19 years old, so she'll probably have the big sister body mold.

It's also expected that they reveal at least 3 more brand new characters, as well as next spring movie. Last year's reveals were Clawdia Wolf and Honey Swamp, who both appeared in the Frights, Camera, Action! movie, so it's pretty probable that they reveal characters that will appear in future movies. Names like Kiyomi Haunterly and Lorna McNessie as well as Ghoulebrities in Londoom and Boo York Boo York were trademarked long time ago, so they are probable reveals or have to do something with future fiction. Kiyomi Haunterly was trademarked more or less at the same time that Casta Fierce was, so I think she'll appear soon. "Haunterly" makes me think of a ghost, mostly because Spectra's surname was, in the beggining, Von Hauntington. Anyway, this is a bit of speculation, as sometimes they make trademarks for other reasons and never materialize into dolls.

I hope we can see better images of confirmed upcoming dolls, such as Coffin Bean wave 2 (see picture below), We are Monster High or Wydowna Spider.

What do you expect from SDCC? Which do you think the reveals will be? What would you like to see? Tell me what you think so far.

Some of the things written on this article are my personal opinion and they're just based on speculation. Images source: Gory Gazzette, Blogster High

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