SDCC day 1

The San Diego Comicon has already started and Mattel has surprised us with some unexpected reveals. As I expected, we can see better pictures of already known upcoming lines such as Swim Class or Coffin Bean. Here are some pics courtesy of MHInsider:

Coffin Bean wave 2

Swim Class

I <3 Fashion Wydowna Spider

We can also see the upcoming line Ghoul talk, with Caterine de Mew and Rochelle Goyle. Both dolls bring a telephone (a regular telephone, not a mobile. I wonder if nowadays kids know what that is) and their colour palette is all pastel.

One of the new lines we can see is a 4 doll pack of the Wolf family. I've seen images of this on the Internet, but I thought it was a fake. I love Howleen's look, but I'm not sure about the rest of the family outfits.

And today's surprise reveal has been a two pack assortment called Scarisian Vacation including Rochelle Goyle and Garrot du Roque. I have to say that I didn't expect that, as Garrot was trademarked less than a month ago. This pack will be a Toys'r'us exclusive.

Rochelle looks like a teal cotton candy, I think they're introducing this color to her palette. To me, Garrot looks something between Slo Moe and the Create-a Monster gargoyle, but I really like him, specially his jacket.

What do you think of this reveals? Did you expect to see a Garrot doll? What do you think the next reveal will be?

Blog to you again soon

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