SDCC days 3 & 4

Hi ghouls!

I haven't posted earlier because I had a family wedding and I have been a little busy, furthermore, I didn't find that friday's reveal was that interesting.

 Let's start with Friday. Friday's reveal was a 6 pack called Original Ghouls that features Ghoulia, Cleo, Lagoona, Clawdeen, Draculaura and Frankie in their original looks. Personally, I’m a little bit disappointed with this pack because their outfits look cheap, the lack of accessories and because apparently they’re not gonna be sold separaltely, so if you’re  just interested in one of the ghouls, you’ll have to get the whole pack.  Also I find that Lagoona doesn’t resemble her original version at all, it looks more like a recycled Dawn of the Dance doll.


Saturday’s reveals were far more interesting. First of all, we found out which will be the next spring’s Monster High movie: Haunted in which some of the ghouls will be transformed into ghosts and will go to a ghost school. The new characters that were introduced as part of this movie where River Styxx, daughter of the Grimm Reaper and Vandala Doubloons, a pirate ghost who seems to have a wooden leg.  It also seems that there will be at least two more dolls in this collection, Porter "Pantergeisst" Geiss and Kiyomi Haunterly,but they haven’t been revealed yet. It also seems that we'll see some of our ghouls, like Clawdeen,Twyla and Draculaura transformed into ghosts, plus a new playset.

River Styxx

Vandala Doubloons

In my opinion, Vandala looks a little bit like a mash up between Twyla and Honey Swamp, but I really like her and the new stands both dolls are bringing.

They also introduced a new line called Monster Exchange, that will feature Lagoona, Draculaura and also a brand new character that I was waiting for: Lorna McNessie, daughter of the  Loch Ness monster. She will have the little sister body mold, but with a longer neck. I have to say that Lorna looks very close to the way that I had imagined her, she’s got the exact hair colour that I wanted, and she’s got lovely scotish details on her outfit.

Finally, last day's reveal was a new vinyl doll line in a chiby style. Here's Draculaura:

What do you think of this year's reveals at SDCC? Are you looking foward to see the new movie? Are you planning to get any of the upcoming characters? Tell me what you think so far.

Lourdes, AKA Monster Crafts.

Images courtesy of MH Insider and Monster High Doll Collector.

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