Sorry, but I couldn't wait until I came back from my holidays to share this news of the upcoming dolls with you.

As you may have heard, there's an upcoming doll line called "We are Monster High". There's not much info about this line yet, but there's gonna be a 5 doll assortment pack that will include  Slo Moe (with long trousers), Scarah Screams, Lagoona, Cleo and a new character (former backgrounder) called Gilda Goldstag, who's the daughter of the Ceryneian Hind. Here's a pic of the whole pack

In general terms, I really like Cleo and Lagoona's dolls, but I think that it would have been a better idea if they had included characters that don't have so many dolls (I'm thinking about Jane Boolittle). Furthermore, they don't bring very detailed accesories (both Lagoona and Cleo wear recycled shoe molds) or a wide variety of them. Due to the fact that this packs are quite expensive, details should be more accurate. Anyway, in my opinion, Gilda looks really pretty and has an unique head mold. Also, Slo Moe has look closer to the one that he's got on the webisodes. Here are a couple of pics of them so you can have a closer look.

There's also gonna be a second wave of the Sweet Screams line, featuring Abbey and Ghoulia. Personaly, this line doesn't appeal much to me, but the dolls are very detailed, which is something that I really appreciate.

One of the releases I'm more excited about is the Deuce and Gil 2 pack. I'm not sure about the official name of this pack, but it will be a Toys'r'us exclusive. The pack includes both dolls and a board game. I'm glad they release more boys because they're harder to get than the girls, specially Gil has been really hard to get in my country, as the Skull Shores version was never sold here. Here's a pic of the Mansters:

Also, there's gonna be a third way of the Swim Class/ Make a splash line including Jinafire, Clawdeen an Spectra, and a line called Save Frankie including Draculaura, Jackson and Clawdeen. I haven't found good quality pictures of this lines, but as soon as I come back, I'll try to share some with you.

Are you excited about the new releases? Are you getting all of them? Tell me what you think so far.

Best wishes, MC.

Source of the pictures: Monster High Doll Collector, Monster High Mx

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