Compatible clothes for MH dolls


Maybe I'm being a dull always posting on this community, but I was seeking looking for MH dolls bargains when I saw this

It says that it fits monster high dolls, but I'm not sure. Has anyone tryied this? Here's the website in case you need to take a more proper look to them

Which other dolls clothes do you use to dress up your MH dolls? Do you sew them? Do you buy them from other crafters?

 Please, let me know 

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  • Well, I'd really like to keep each character individual style by more or less following their colour schemes and favourite prints, so that's why it's hard for me to find clothes for them.

    I have also found some cool shops on Etsy, but I have also bought stuff from The Daughter Who Sews, which I really recomend, the designs are really nice and the sewing is really good quality. Here's a pic of Frankie with TDWS  stockings.

    I also check out quite often Haunt Couture on Etsy, but haven't decided to buy anthing yet because I've read some not very good reviews about the quality of their stiching. Anyway, the outfits look amazing on the pictures.

    • Thank you for those recommendations... I'll take a look.  I'm slowly starting to get the whole Monster High doll... and about keeping them authentic, really appreciate and get a lot out of your comments!

  • Depending on the look you want for your MH doll... I tend to repaint their face to look more childish and have found some clothing that works for them by using some Mattel Stacie and Chelsea doll clothes, Madeline 8" doll clothes and even some Kish Riley clothes... mostly the sleeveless doll dresses of the Madeline and Kish Riley dolls.  Some of these can look either way, child like or more mature. 

    Etsy, also, has a good number of people sewing and selling MH doll clothing. I've also found some shoes that are actually way too big for MH but look good on them anyway... such as small high top sneakers found on ebay... they are too cute! 

    I'll post some pictures another day... I'm still working on finishing up some dolls and will photograph once they are done with repainting, styled hair and dressed. 

  • My scene dolls use the same body as Barbie.
  • I've just found some My Scene dolls on the internet and I was thinking... what about her clothes for MH?

  • OMG those stockings are to die for! Thanks for your useful links Anette. As soon as I've got time I'll work more on my MH stuff and upload photos. I hope that this sunday I'll be able to finish my MH printables and take some photos


  • Here is a link to a photo tutorial on sewing tights for MH dolls that you may find useful.

  • Draculaura is wearing tights from her Day at the Maul fashion pack.  They're one piece tights but look like thigh-high stockings in the photo.

    I found these great looking doll stockings and have heard great reviews about them, but I haven't placed an order (yet).  Check out the link.

    I have some Moxie Teenz dolls and I'm sure tights/stockings would be too large.  Those girls are bigger than Barbie!  Barbie's tights are loose on MH, especially at the knees.

    Good luck with your sewing and thrift hunting.  I'd love to see your results, please share them.

    Just for fun, a friend made my dolls dresses out of cohesive (sticks to itself) bandage material.  Here's a picture.  I also used the same bandage material to "lengthen" a Bratz top so that it covers Ghoulia's belly.  The skirt is from Toralei's fashion pack.


  • That's what I want to do, I want to find some doll clothes at a thrift store or a sale at a toy store and use them for my MH dolls, but I haven't found anything yet (and I'm also looking for old barbie furniture and a doll car that I can repaint for Clawdeen).

    When you say that Liv/Moxie clothes are too big do you meen that they're wide or thayt they're too long? Because I can fix a wide skirt but can do anythint with too long sleeves, for example.

    So I guess that Moxie Teenz won't fit too, as I've just read that they're 14'' tall. That's a pity because they have a bunch of cool leggins and socks. Luckily, I've also read that Moxie/Liv wigs fit MH Create a Monster pretty well (I like them, but I don't like the wigs they have).

    I think I'll try to sew some basic doll clothes on my own andtry to modify other dolls clothes. If there's something that I want and I can't get/do myself, I'll try to find it on etsy.

    By the way Annette, where did you got those socks that Draculaura is wearing? I really love them.

  • Please keep posting Monster Crafts, I'm always happy to have someone to chat about MH dolls with! 

    I buy Bratz dolls (clothed) at the thrift store so that my MH ghouls can wear their outfits. 

    Moxie girls clothes fit fairly well, they're a bit large in the waist though.

    I have some Liv sandals that I stretch over my MH feet.  Stardoll shoes are great.  Apparently shoes for Jakks Pacific dolls also fit MH, but I haven't tried any.

    I'm also a member of the "not a seamstress" club, and I "alter" clothes to fit with staples, tape, bobby pins, and tiny binder clips.  My alterations only last for a photo shoot though.  LOL.  I appreciate Deb's sewing tips, especially the one about putting the clothes on the doll inside out.  I'm hoping to try this.

    Like Deborah said, there are beautiful MH clothes on Etsy.

    This discussion needs  a photo, so here's Draculaura in a top by Moxie Girlz and Bratz skirt.  My favorite Frankie is wearing a top and jacket by Moxie Girlz and a Bratz skirt.  Scooter Ghoulia is wearing her original dress and a Liv belt.  No alterations were made.


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