I did it -- my first Monster High repaint!


I did it and I'm pretty happy overall.  I learned a lot and now I'm ready to truly try my hand at repainting... this first one really is a huge learning curve.  There's so many things I will do differently the next time and... well... the next time is the real test.  Can I duplicate this or was it beginners luck?  I need a few supplies; can't believe I don't have any white acrylic paint!  I had to use a cream color for the white...  this was great fun, a little nerve wrecking and from start to finish took me about 3 hours.  I really tried to take my time and to pause and think about what I wanted to do next... a couple times I went to the computer and watched a repaint video because I was unsure of myself. 

The pictures include the before and after and my sketch for the repaint before I started...  next is sewing some clothes for this doll and thinking about the other one I have to paint.

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  • Here's my second repaint... try as I may, I could only get one good picture of her.  My new camera and I are not friends, yet.   She's wearing a 8" Madeline doll dress! 

    • Admin

      she does have a real expression , and she does look a bit more mature than the first one. I am totally amaze by your talent Tilly !! bravo 

    • Oh Tilly, she's got the most adorable face. Are you really aware of what you'll be able to achieve?!! I mean... this is your second re-paint!!! You're naturally talented my dear!! Just loved them both. Congratulations. 

    • Admin

      I totally agree

    • Thank you, Isabel... with practice I hope to get better and develop some of my own techniques.  I would like to learn how to create expression with  the repaint... to make a sad face or quizzical face on demand.  I may need a couple hundred monster dolls for starters... :)

  • Admin
    Wow Tilly, I'm very impressed! You have achieved a wonderfully professional job. The eyes are amazing!

    If this is your first then I can't wait to see how you progress!! :D
    • Thank you so much.

  • Admin

    oh tilly do not tell me this is your first try??? she is fabulous really, absolutely gorgeous . you did a fabulous job, I would give you my Tonner to repaint immediately. you are a true talent!!

    I will certainly need all the help I can get to come even close to this result

    love it

    • Awww, thank you... you're making me blush! 

  • BRAVO!!! Love the look in her eyes, She haas a very sweet expression. Very well done Tilly!!

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