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Oh, my, I have no idea what I'm getting myself into... some time ago I stumbled onto a set of YouTube videos called Nicolle's Dreams and feel madly in love with what she is able to do with Monster High dolls.  At first I was just amused but I keep going back and seeking out more and more info... well, today I went on ebay and bought a couple naked Monster High dolls... cheap, too.  And, then I bought about $70 worth of additional art supplies... not so cheap.  I'm going to give face painting a try.  I think if she were still taking commissions I would have opted for that but since she's not anymore... and since I have more time than good sense... why not?! 

You can find her work here  I simply started out looking for ideas and info on enhancing fashion doll faces and I'd still like to do that and figure it might be a fun learning experience to work on the Monster High dolls. 

I know I'm probably a 100 years older than most of you here and when I was in grade school, in the olden days, I use to draw these big eyed faces... and, I've really enjoyed seeing all the big-eyed dolls that have been out for some time now, but don't have any... so, as a tribute to that young girl I once was I think the Monster High dolls will satisfy a fond place in my heart and I'm looking forward to getting started.

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    yeah!! looking forward to see your work! and I am maybe even older than you are hee hee

    go for it girl!!

  • Thank you both for the encouragement... I've spent hours/days watching YouTube videos, reading how-tos and starring at pictures... even young grade school kids are doing face-ups... my fingers aren't a nimble as theirs but I bet I have more patience.  Now, I'm just waiting for all the goodies to arrive so I can play... keep your fingers crossed!  I'll take before and after pictures... unless I'm so mortified by my mess, then I'll just announce it was a fail! ahahahahahaha

  • GO! GO! GO!

    I agree with Monster Crafts, it takes courage to try re-painting or enhancement on your dolls, but once you start you want to keep doing it with all of them hehehe!! I've just started doing it myself and fortunately there's a lot of help available on internet to guide you. And remember... the good thing about this is that if you don't like it you can always erase it and start all over again. Good Luck and please share your work.

  • Oh, Tilly, you're so brave! I haven't found the courage yet to try a face repaint, but I'm thinking of  doing a reroot soon.

    I know this lady's art and her faces are amazing. She's got a tumblr account too, in case you want to see more pictures

    You made me laugh with: "I'm probably a 100 years older than most of you here". A couple of years ago I decided that in the end, age is just an state of mind and you are just as old as you let yourself be.

    I'm glad you joined us and I'm looking foward to see you repainting progress. Good luck!

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