you girl finally got her first role in a movie , but she needs to bring her own costume. she reads the scriipt and discovers she is playing the part of a maid in a billionaire,s home you have to create her maids outfit along with one prop!

Who s up for the challange!!!!

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  • thats ok Jane Reeds i have to start also always delays movies

    love it Dom great !

  • I missed the deadline on this one. Too busy trying to get my theme of the month done in time. I still want to make this so I'll post a photo when I finally get it done.

  • Admin

    Here is Blondie's casting

    My friend Blondie loves Marilyn, and she dreams about being an actress since a tender age. when auditions were open for the last movie of the great director Drack Hula, she did not hesitate a second.

    "you have to present yourself dressed as maid" the ad said

    so here she is waiting for her big chance

    in her precipitation, she did not read the script, but what can be wrong with a movie from Drack Hula right?


    • Love this! Dom, you've done a super job with your story line!!

    • Admin

      thank you dear Tilly, my Gang always have stories to tell 


    • This is pretty funny! Good job!

    • Admin

      hank you Jane I love funny...and my dolls too :)

    • Wow, Dom. That looks just great! So much detail! You must really be energized, given the amount o work you've done in such a small space of time! (Love the little bows on the stockings.)

    • Admin

      thanks FDS, I am so totally on doll right now, I think I missed them more than I dare to admit :), I am working right now on the ribbon challenge, and the dress is done, but trying on Olga(since she has a new body she indeed needs new outfits ) I notice that her hair were really not nice, so I cut/shaved her and I am making a new wig for her . this is so me thing after another...brings another yet :)...but it is still playing right??

  • I think this project was the most fun to participate in since I've joined. I still plan on giving this a try but I haven't started yet since I have until the end of the month. I'm busy making some furniture for the dollies so this will be the next project.

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