Ribbon Dance Challenge

If you will permit me, I would like to propose a sewing challenge for the month of August. The challenge is to create a garment made entirely from ribbon or trim. The ribbon can be as narrow or as wide as you want. It can be made of anything from the ordinary satin ribbon, gift wrapping ribbon with wire edges or even lace hem tape to the more ornate brocade trim (normally used for clothing or upholstery). The garment can be simple and sensible or as wild and crazy as you want. The idea is to not worry about your sewing skills (you can even glue it together if need be), but simply to have fun by creating something extraordinary using ordinary ribbon or trim. Is anyone up for the challenge?

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  • One last ribbon dress....Less flamboyant than the other two, this was, actually, the first one I tried to do. After numerous attempts, it is also the only one successful. Inspired by the Herve Leger bandage dresses, my Hermes ribbon dress was the most difficult. There are no darts and only one seam which falls on one side of the dress. This dress is comprised of 11 horizontal strips of ribbon, each strip to the curve of the doll's body and hand sewn in place. It is held together by vertical pieces of ribbon on either side on which I have sewn hooks and eyes. Since it looks as if I've simply wound the doll with a single length of ribbon, I've posted photos of the dress without the doll.

    • Wow!! You're so resourceful!!! This dress really beautiful and original. Bravo girl!!!

    • Thank you Isabel.

    • Admin

      oh !! where did you find this ribbon??? I love this dress, very original and even less flamboyant it is my favorite Bravo for your talent  and imagination

    • Thank you, Dom. The ribbon came from gifts of perfume and pocket squares I receive some time ago. I never threw any away. But now I have a gorgeous dolly dress!!!

    • Admin

      now it is even  better , the gifts live on through this beautiful dress

  • As promised, I've been still experimenting with ribbon. Gift wrapping ribbon with the wire is a lot of fun because you can make all sorts of special effects just by scrunching it.

    This dress was super simple. Again, I built it right on the doll. A simple strapless dress out of two lengths of ribbon. (Opening is on the side.) What was leftover was scrunched and tacked down to the neckline.

    • Looks like a hundred dollar dress!! I loved it.

    • exquisite!  -  and so clever! 

    • Thank you Viktor. I am always looking for inexpensive and unexpected materials to make doll clothes. Working within the limitations of working with ribbon and tape is most interesting. Sometimes you can break all the rules (as with true Couture) to get a spectacular piece.

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