Ribbon Dance Challenge

If you will permit me, I would like to propose a sewing challenge for the month of August. The challenge is to create a garment made entirely from ribbon or trim. The ribbon can be as narrow or as wide as you want. It can be made of anything from the ordinary satin ribbon, gift wrapping ribbon with wire edges or even lace hem tape to the more ornate brocade trim (normally used for clothing or upholstery). The garment can be simple and sensible or as wild and crazy as you want. The idea is to not worry about your sewing skills (you can even glue it together if need be), but simply to have fun by creating something extraordinary using ordinary ribbon or trim. Is anyone up for the challenge?

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    • Thank you, Tilly.

    • Admin

      she is SPECTACULAR fds , I really love it , love the dress and the tuto as well . you did great , hoping to see more soon . I will have no time to make another the house need some work right now I am repainting, (and changing  broken glasses ) the windows . lot to do, but I will keep an eye on you

  • Too hard for me but I'm anxious to see what the rest of you come up with... what fun!

  • Admin

    here you have FDS

    our new ribbon challenge

    it is called "Ready when you are Santa "

     the dress is 100% made (hand sew) of ribbon.

    a little close-up to show you how simple it is 

    2 big ribbons sewn in front to form the neck line , then sewn on each side (vertically)

    3 ribbons are gathered and sewn to do the skirt 

    a ribbon is used for the belt that attache the dress at the waist.

    plenty of tiny bows ornate the front of the dress

     I loved this challenge , I had several options about ribbons but Olga really needed a dress for Christmas , so, it had to be Christmas in august right ?

    found the Santa on the beach.... oups sorry ...on the web :)


    • fabulous & sensational!

    • Wow, Dom!!! I couldn't wait to see this and I was not disappointed. Bravo! It's gorgeous! Love the combination of the two sets of ribbons as well as all the little bows down the front of the dress. Nothing like Christmas in the summertime. And yes, now is the time to start making Christmas presents for our favorite dolls!

      (I'll be posting something shortly. My first attempt was overly ambitious so I'm starting over.)

      Big hugs!

  • Admin

     Ribbon challenge

    Olga is totally exited by her new body, now she need new cloth and new wig, her hair is a mess

     we have a lot of ribbons and she decided for those red and gold ones...a bit Christmas-sy right? whatever. this is her choice, not mine :)

    • she is having so much fun!

  • Dom, Pabboo, Great! Glad to know you're interested. The challenge doesn't begin until August AND you have the whole month! This should be lots of fun!!! Dom, anxiously awaiting the arrival of your dolls on the beach!

  • Oh I love it! im in I have tons of ribbon so this will be fun! Im thinking something Gothic lol

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