Spring is in the Air: Let's Celebrate!

Spring is here! Well for those of us in the northern hemisphere anyway! So let's celebrate with all things clean, fresh, new and reinvigorated (a bit like itself, hehe).

We now we have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize!!

* First Prize: $30 * Second Prize: $15 * Third prize $10

The 'rules' of the theme photo competition are very simple:

  1. Your photo must contain a doll or dolls
  2. The photo must be taken recently and specifically for the challenge
  3. Make sure the photo relates to the spirit of the relevant month's theme
  4. Members should enter one photo only per theme (although you are free to add more but please highlight which particular photo you would like to go forward into the competition).
  5. Give your photo a title, whether it be witty or cutting edge cool!
  6. Post your picture in the Theme Photo thread in the discussion forum below
  7. Make sure to have as much fun as possible!

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    • Nilsa!  -  you know Russian?  -  how did you get the kyrillic letters for your keyboard?  -  I don't have that feature, so I will respond in English: "you're welcome" !

    • Ha,ha,ha no Viktor sadly I only speak Spanish and English fluently. It is the magic of the Internet. A search and a copy and paste allowed me to speak, better say, to write in Russian :).
  • I finally had time to take a photo for TOTM. The name: "Skipper by the creek".

    She is holding real flowers while dreaming of her blue prince.

    • Luv what you did with the background!
    • Thanks FDS! I do searches for free computer wall paper and use them as backdrop without even saving them to my PC. The rest is Isabel's tips on using a monitor for the photos.
    • This is just marvelous, you've done wonders with that technique.  Bravo for a job well done!

    • Thanks Mary Beth! If I'm replying twice to you my apologies. Not sure if I already did it.
    • Oh I love blue! Really a great photo!!

    • Thank you Sara!!
    • Admin

      lovely pic Nilsa, this background is fantastic , you've made wonder with Isabel 's technique Bravo


This reply was deleted.

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