'#AugustTOTM - Spa Day' Photo Contest Entries

So after last month's Beach Vacation there is still time for more rest and recuperation as we send our dolls on a Spa Day for the #AugustTOTM! 

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Still 3 winners but no prizes from now on :(

The 'rules' of the theme photo competition are very simple:

  1. Your photo must contain a doll or dolls
  2. The photo must be taken recently and specifically for the challenge
  3. Make sure the photo relates to the spirit of the relevant month's theme
  4. Members should enter one photo only per theme (although you are free to add more but please highlight which particular photo you would like to go forward into the competition).
  5. Give your photo a title, whether it be witty or cutting edge cool!
  6. Post your picture in the Theme Photo thread in the discussion below
  7. Have as much fun as possible!!

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    • Oh! Another beautiful diorama of yours! So realistic and luxurious! I love black and white for interiors and....I love your hairdesser!!LOL!

      I agree with you: I have fun in this contest because I like to think about the idea for a pic and above all I like to realize dioramas or set. Last month I hadn't the possibility, but next one...

      However it's also very funny to see pics by all the members!

    • Admin

      oh whoa!! such luxury! One can ear the music and chats from here, those ladies letting out some secrets never too well kept, at least  the gorgeous hair dresser knew already everything hee hee

      excellent diorama all is there, all is precious , you did a great job

    • In one word:  awesome  !!

    • I am so happy  see more entries for this theme! Most of the fun is enjoying the imaginations of other members. Jane...I am such a fan of yours. Your girls are always so deliciously decadent. Love your attention to detail: the black& white interiors, the handbags, the nail lacquer, the hairdresser, even the little dog on the doll's lap! Gorgeous!

    • Wow, such a wonderful compliment! Thanks so much. I really do have fun setting these scenes up for TOTM. I look forward to this contest every month, not to win, but to get creative and use my imagination. Maybe September will have more entries when the weather turns cooler and we're indoors more.

    • I love the color scheme & the patterns + the dolls are so gorgeous...!

  • I got mine!! Just in time, here's my entry for this month's theme...

    Since my girl is not that well-off for an expensive spa session, she has to settle with a relaxation time in her own house. So the title is "Home Spa". Hope you like it.

    • I'm so happy to see your entry Isabel! I recognize your style without reading your signature! 

      Everything is perfect...and the mirror! Great!

      And above all I'm like your doll: no SPA for me, only my bathroom!

    • Amazing ISABEL!!Absolutely stunning!!

    • Thanks David. You're so kind.

This reply was deleted.

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