• I know this is predictable but maybe a Halloween or scary movie,book, etc. theme for October.

  • Here's some ideas for July - beach vacation, long hot summer, independence day

  • Well, here are few ideas I think would be fun and render interesting results:

    Cover Doll. (Be it Vogue, Vanity Fair, or GQ to Sports Illustrated, People, or the Architectural Digest, your doll or diorama) is on the your favorite magazine cover!

    Rich & Famous (Lights, Camera,'re doll is all the rage! Can they deal with the fame?)

    L'Artiste (Dolly is either the--famous or not so famous--artwork, be it painting, photography or sculpture-- or instead...maybe she's the artist.)

    Family Vacation. At the airport, on a train, off to some foreign land....or perhaps..on the beach or picnic in the park, dolly & company is off on vacation.

    Album Cover. Once upon a time there were album covers, then CD sleeves, now it's all about the artwork that downloads from iTunes along with the music. Choose the genre of music. Select an artist (real or not) and of course incorporate the doll to help illustrate the music's artwork.

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