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 I can't wait to find out the theme for January. I wasn't able to find time to get anything together for December since I joined so late in the month. I've been busy working on a diorama and will hopefully be able to fit it into this months theme. When are the theme's usually announced?

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  • Admin

    You're very welcome. I also featured one of your pics to represent it, hope you don't mind 

    badvalentine said:

    WOW thank you for the theme!!! i m so happy! 

  • WOW thank you for the theme!!! i m so happy! 

  • Admin

    Thanks everyone for your input and suggestions. In a process of random selection the theme for January will be.... Superheroes! 

  • and why not a super heroes theme ? 

  • why not celebrating Chinese new year? it will be the year of the horse.

  • If I may offer a suggestion... The Winter Olympics will be starting soon. How about designing a poster depicting the "Dolly Winter Olympics." From the opening ceremonies to any of the individual sports, there's plenty of leeway for interpretation.
  • How's about "Resolutions" as a theme for January? It might be a bit abstract, but we could show our dolls getting back in shape, eating more veggies, reading more, spending more time with their kids, etc...

  • Hi Simon, Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I'm not in a hurry, just curious. I will join  the theme this month once it's decided.I need to spend some time looking over the old theme posts so I can throw out a suggestion next month. Don't want to repeat a theme! 

  • Admin

    Hi Jane, I'm afraid there isn't a set date for the theme announcement as a rule (mainly due to a combination of my ditzy nature and 'real life' commitments) however I try to get the theme out as near to the beginning of the month a possible. In this case this weekend hopefully!

    Would be marvellous if you entered this month, the more the merrier I say and it always such fun! 

    P.S. Theme suggestions are aways welcome too! 

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